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Associate Director,<br> Events and Branding

Dr. Dolly Awati

Dr. Dolly Awati
Associate Director,
Events and Branding
Sanjeevani Advertising Co has another very talented, dedicated, devoted and no-nonsense go-getter. Dr Dolly Awati, a PhD in Media Communications, is a very chairing woman who understands the needs of the consumers, challenging leadership, creative problem solving & knows how to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profit.

Dr Dolly, who’s been with the agency for over a decade. As the Associate Director, Events & Branding, Dr Dolly has a deeper insight and understanding in upholding brand value and essentially fulfilling client’s needs with perfect creativity.

In this fast paced world every event, live or virtual leaves its mark, as there’s no retake and it’s here that Dr Dolly’s adventurism and expertise in events and branding plays a prominent role in anchoring client’s trust and confidence, especially in problem solving and delivering the appropriate. Her commitment and loyalty to the agency has ensured Team Sanjeevani is on a very strong foothold.

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