Because mere advertising is just not enough!

Should a client force-fit his/her communication needs to the limitations of his/her Ad-agency?
Or, should he/she seek a single-window solution for every communication requirement?.

Times have changed, but most Ad-agencies haven’t.
Today the media is fragmented and prohibitively priced. And consumer touch-points have both diversified and multiplied. Today a brand-idea should not just reach a consumer; it must resonate with her as well.
Once it was possible to bring your consumer to your idea.Remember Doordarshan?

Today, you have to take your message to the consumer wherever she is!  And she can be in more than one place at the same time.
Suddenly Advertising cannot sufficiently advertise your brand.  The medium has indeed become the message. And the message is clear: traditional advertising will not cut the mustard anymore.
This fundamental insight is the bedrock of Sanjeevani.