Ram K Jadhav


Email:- ram@sanjeevaniadvertising.com

Ram came up in life the hard way – the lift was out of order. Early on he realised that life is a s**t sandwich; the more bread you have the less s**t you eat! So instead of getting into a job like a good middle class boy he decided to set up his own business. The business grew but Ram lost a lot of weight! Now he spends most of his time trying to redress this imbalance.

But, seriously, Ram founded Sanjeevani in 1993, primarily as an accredited media releasing agency.  Over the years his media acumen and ability to get the best prices for his clients have become more than bywords; they have become industry benchmarks.  Having honed his expertise in media, he turned his attention to becoming a total solutions provider. Today Sanjeevani not only provides creative services of every kind, but also the means to reach them to consumers in the most effective way. His single-point agenda is: think of, for, and by the Brand!