Iqbal Raj



Creative Director


Charming, witty, sophisticated, devilishly handsome and irresistible to women, Iqbal is NONE of these but we all have to make a living! In college he discovered that the girls favoured Marxists. So he read all he could of, for and by Marx. By the time he realised he should have been reading Karl and not Groucho, it was too late to change philosophies!

Iqbal Raj having over 25 years of overall experience – he started his career with Lintas (now Lowe Lintas) in 1987 – Raj has worked with FCB Ulka and then Everest. Later, he joined Contract for two years before moving to Rediffusion Y & R. He joined Percept/H in March 2008 as NCD. 

Over the years, Raj has worked on an array of brands including Rin, Surf, Wheel, Rexona, Lifebuoy, Parachute Hair Oil, Hair & Care, Ceat Tyres, Cadburys, Crompton & Crompton, Voltas, Godrej Store well, Deutsche Bank, Decolam, Johnson & Johnson, GMR, Pfizer, Decolam,  Shanti Amla, Air India, Air Deccan, HSBC, P & G – Vicks Vaporub and Vaposyrup, Oil of Olay, Colgate, Usha, Monsanto, DLF, DB Realty, SBI Mutual Fund and Bajaj Allianz. He has several awards to his credit including a Silver Tree, an award for a public service campaign, an Effie and Ad Club awards for Wheel, Surf Radio and Ceat Tyres.