Abhishek Mittal

Digital Strategy

Email:- digital@sanjeevaniadvertising.com

(No relation to the other Abhishek!)Abhishek Mittal is fondly called AM and he cannot understand why. You see, AM has never experienced sunrise, or even a morning with open eyes! In his formative years AM was so studious that he took his Bachelor’s degree literally. He has sworn never to get married. Living in a building that houses a very in pub has somewhat influenced his take on life. Originally he wanted to open a Bar exclusively for bachelors in an attempt to cater to their loneliness. But he soon got bored when he realised that every bachelor has the same sad story to tell. Every time he struck up a conversation it was like he was talking to himself! Now he caters to every need of our clients in the Digital space. 

Having worked in various industries such as FMCG, hospitality. Media and training development. Abhishek comes with a unique set of skills and a holistic approach. His client- oriented approach is refreshing and has become a benchmark of excellent work delivery.